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    1 year, 1 month ago

    I haven’t quite figured out how to get this image into the critique area. Presumably I have to remember to complete all the meta data as there is no prompt

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    • Mary, just go to Critique and post from there. There should be a box where you can type, and a label saying ‘Photo’ above the type-in box. Click that and attach the photo, type what you want us to comment on, and post. It doesn’t need EXIF data or any of the technical stuff.

      • Paul I cannot find anywhere in critique to post an image 🙁 I can find other photos but cannot upload one. I still cannot find a method of commenting on a photo put up for critique

        • Mary, go to Critique. Just below the banner at the top you should see a menu saying ‘Home – Info – Media – Members and to the right Join Group (it may say leave group). Join the group

          • (achh, no edit button). Once you have joined you should see a standard ‘post’ box in the group Home tab, saying upload your photo. The text is free form so just put whatever you want in there and use the Photo button to upload the image.

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