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  • I popped in a couple of hours ago and saw no activity for today, checked in now and posts from 9 hours show up and I have 2 alerts about comments on my posts that are both 11+ hours old. Could be my broadband but could also be a site delay

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  • It seems that if I don’t physically log out I remain logged in for 24 hours

  • Have logged in from my phone – great improvement.
    I like the new critique lounge but agree, no point in adding camera details when they don’t load up. I like the scroll L&R to images too.
    I do think the camera settings are helpful when critiquing (or learning from them) so I guess we have to get into the habit of adding them in the d…Read More

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  • Oops. I seem to have lost almost everything in the chat lounge, even when selecting everything in the Filter Activities By…. Now that is bizarre, as I was typing this, my last tech lounge comment appeared and everything else came back. I had swapped between chat and other areas with no luck before 🙁 Going demented obviously so off to have some…Read More

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