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I think that I have set this to 20 words, so I need to write some more up to the point

Buzzcast 1

What, you may ask, is the Buzzcast? It's simply two blokes in a darkened room discussing photography. Buzzcast 1 takes up the thorny issue of when manipulation is too much manipulation and discusses t...

BuzzCast – July 2020

Welcome to the BuzzCast 2020 where we discuss the greatest technology in the world, Photoshop! Consistently dividing opinions

Filters – the basics

Once you become hooked into the world of photography you can’t escape the lure of the filter, writes Andrew James

Zoom or fixed telephoto?

There are several compelling reasons to use a telephoto zoom lens in preference to a telephoto prime lens, writes Andrew James. The most obvious of these is the flexibility offered by a zoom in terms ...

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