Imaging Skills

Lightroom: Create a Contact sheet to email

Contact sheets can be really useful and in this video I’ll show you how to create one as a JPEG that you can email, as well as print, writes Andrew James.

Photoshop: Create Light Leaks

Turn back the clock on a photo, and in this video, find out how to get that retro vibe, complete with custom light leaks and a little dose of cross-processing, writes Jon Adams.

Lightroom: Speed up Local Adjustments

Here's a tip for those who use Adjustment Brushes and Grad Tools in Lightroom a lot that will help to speed up your workflow, writes Andrew James.

Lightroom: A look at the Tone Curve Options

On Lightroom's most recent major update, the Tone Curve Panel was given something of a facelift. In this video we’ll take a look at what the different options are for, writes Andrew James.

Lightroom: Cropping when working between LR and PS

This tutorial looks at how you crop a photo that's been edited in both Lightroom and Photoshop but is saved back into your LR Catalogue as a PSD, writes Andrew James.

Photoshop: Using the pen tool

Discover how to make pro-quality cutouts and layer up with a white background and a shadow for your subject, writes Jon Adams. Whether you're making a quick packshot for an auction site, or putting to...

Lightroom: New local Hue Slider

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how you can now change colours in a targeted selection in Lightroom by using the new local hue slider, writes Andrew James.

Lightroom: Create an old print look

Add a bit of grain, a sepia tint and a faded border and you can turn your digital image into a print from ye olde days - all in Lightroom, writes Andrew James.

Photoshop: A look at the Camera Raw Update

Here's a 10+ minute overview of the new-look Adobe Camera Raw 12.3, writes Andrew James. If you are a dedicated Lightroom user you'll see how it's started to look even more like Lightroom, making it e...

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