Buzzlive: Camera Raw Filter

In this episode of Buzzlive we looked at Photoshop's Camera Raw Filter - a hidden but useful thing to know about.

Buzzlive: The importance of contrast

HQ discuss why contrast is so important for photography and how to improve it in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Buzzlive: FotoMission ‘Broken’ Critiques

Jon and Andrew give a live critique section on the entries in the Broken-themed FotoMission.

Buzzlive: Let’s get quizzical

HQ test the knowledge of the membership with a fun photography quiz. 

Buzzlive: Are you tough enough?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Andrew and Jon look at some hard to achieve images from the Foto-Buzz community...

Buzzlive: Advice for our younger selves!

HQ highlight and discuss the 10 things they would advice their younger selves to consider when learning photography. 

Buzzlive: Insects & Spiders

With the help of images supplied by the Foto-Buzz community, Andrew and Jon talk insect and spider photography...

Buzzlive: Composition

Jon and Andrew take a close look at composition and some of the guidelines that can help your photography...

Buzzlive: My lockdown pleasure

Andrew and Jon discuss the images you entered into the FotoMission called My Lockdown Pleasure...

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