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Sports Photography

As a volunteer for a local sports club, I come across people from all walks of life who have their own reasons for committing on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the furtherment of grassroots sport. One such local hero is The Sports Dad, an architect by day, but a brilliant amateur sports photographer on the weekend. You can catch his work at the link below, but we hope that he joins the Foot-Buzz community soon. The Sports Dad

A world without art

I have recently been motivated to think about a world without art, our society seems to become ever more polarised and less tolerant of others views and yet in art we find a common appreciation, but is it the art that moves us or the talent that lies behind and what value do we attribute to that talent. In the dancer picture, I appreciate the art of the subject and the art of the person who captured the photograph, and in my view the world would be a poorer place without both, but I worry, perha...Read More

Buzzlive: Camera Raw Filter

In this episode of Buzzlive we looked at Photoshop's Camera Raw Filter - a hidden but useful thing to know about.

Lightroom: Create a Contact sheet to email

Contact sheets can be really useful and in this video I’ll show you how to create one as a JPEG that you can email, as well as print, writes Andrew James.

Photoshop: Create Light Leaks

Turn back the clock on a photo, and in this video, find out how to get that retro vibe, complete with custom light leaks and a little dose of cross-processing, writes Jon Adams.